An up to date book on Ruby programming, written in a style described as "a beautiful display of pragmatically chunky bacon, wrapped in a nutshell." Or something like that.

Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book covers the Ruby language from the very basics of using puts to put naughty phrases on the screen all the way to serving up your favorite web page from WEBrick or connecting to your favorite web service. Written in a conversational narrative rather than like a dry reference book, Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book is an easy to read, easy to follow guide to all things Ruby.

Table of Contents

What'chu talkin' 'bout, Mister?

What Is Ruby Anyhow?, Installing Ruby, Let's try her out!

Welcome to Ruby

Basic concepts of Ruby, Types in Ruby, Collections, Variables and the Like

Break it down now!

Methods, Blocks and Proc Objects, Your objects lack class!, Modules, Creating Modules, Files

Hustle and flow (control)

Conditionals, loops, and exceptions

The System Beneath

Filesystem interaction, Threads and processes, For the Environment!, Win32 and Beyond

Looking Beyond Home

Networking and the Web, It's Like Distributed or Something..., Data my base, please!

It's a Library!

String manipulation, date/time, hashing and cryptography, unit testing

Appendices: Links to tons of information and a short treatise on RubyInline!

If you have any questions or perhaps want reviewer's discount on the print edition, then e-mail me at my first dot my last @ gmail dot com